If we don’t embrace the unknown, where are we going to find the answers we don’t already know?

My Creative Process Coaching™ business started when I saw there are many story tellers, solo performance artists, playwrights, screenwriters and memoir/novelists, who want to manifest their ideas, but who don’t know how to reshape them into the concrete form of a good story, or don’t know if there is a show or a film there.

These are the issues that artists face as we craft our ideas into being. This is the process I guide you through to express the exact story you want to tell, told in the most direct way to connect with your audience.

At the end you will have manifested your ideas into an artistic form that reflects your unique vision of the world.

Together, with my Creative Process Toolkit, we’ll create a story that will track through a plausible problem to an inevitable, yet unpredictable ending that reaches them where they live – right in the heart.

Jump into your art!


”Karen is not only intuitive, but she has the depth of experience to provide valuable coaching. I don’t think twice about calling her. She is more than worth it!” – Meredith Flynn, actor
“The creative process is where Karen resides. She just naturally inspires confidence.” – Sharon Sokoloff, director
“Karen takes my stuff and she combs it into coherency!” – Thea Iberall, playwright
“Simply stated, Karen produces the work. She actually makes your idea appear on stage and in media. Contact her early in the process and she will economically make it happen.” – William August, actor